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Natural Dye Talk and Display – 10th July 2022

Date posted: Thursday 14th July 2022

Natural Dye Talk and Display – 10th July 2022

Dye and print samples

Forming a backdrop to the talk, Tracey set up a display with several examples of her creativity and expertise. She then delivered a fact-filled talk to the gathered audience, explaining the techniques and showing samples of the plants that she has used to create some lovely pieces.
The dyeing section of the talk covered the use of madder (red hues), indigo (blues), and weld (yellows). All of these are good for light fastness and are washable.
Examples of the range of colours achievable formed part of the display.

ND22 Dye colours
Dye colours

Some striking examples of botanical printing were shown in support of the printing section of the talk. Botanical printing was explained as contact printing with plants, usually leaves. If the leaves themselves do not contain a dye/colour, then a blanket can be used to create a dark background so that the plants act as a resist.

ND22 Marestail print
Marestail print

As a final bonus, Tracey explained how to ‘grow your own jumper’ by growing and processing flax into linen. A jumper knitted from flax was on display and can be seen in the photo gallery for this event.

Click here for the photo gallery of the talk.