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Beekeeping Talk & Demo – 12th June 2022

Date posted: Friday 17th June 2022

Beekeeping Talk & Demo – 12th June 2022

Sunny weather and a fascinating subject certainly got the gathered crowd ‘buzzing’.

One of our qualified beekeepers, Jem Negus, gave the talk on beekeeping and demonstrated the makeup of a standard national beehive.

Jem’s talk covered many topics including:
- The lifecycle of bees and why they swarm
- What the beekeeper needs to do to maintain a healthy colony
- How bees make honey

The viewable display frame containing a colony going about its business was a main attraction.

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For more information about beekeeping, check out the website: British Beekeepers Association

For a report giving the key information from the talk, click here: Beekeeping talk key info.